2018 AAHA Spring Fiesta

New Dates

April 19-22, 2018

Concurrent Region 9 Qualifying Show


Check out this great video from Bay Area Equestrian Center


2018 AAHA Fiesta Changes to the Schedule

Class 30 – Arabian Western Pleasure JTR has been changed to Arabian Western Pleasure JTR 13 & Under (age split). 


Class 83.1 Arabian Western Pleasure JTR 14 – 18 (age split) has been added to the schedule.  

2018 AAHA Fiesta Buy-A-Classes Added to the Schedule

Class 27.1 – Arabian English Pleasure Mares & Geldings (1st class of Friday Afternoon) 

Class 44.1 – Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR Class 92.1 – Arabian Country English Pleasure AOTR 

Class 103.1 – HA/AA Western Pleasure Walk/Trot 10 & Under 

Class 104.1 – HA/AA Hunter Pleasure ATR Select 

Class 112.1 – A/HA/AA Hunter Seat Equitation JOTR (before the break) 

Class 115.1 – Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR Class 125.1 – Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 

Class 132.1 – Arabian English Pleasure JOTR (before the break) 

Class 149.1 – Arabian English Pleasure JOTR Championship (1st class of Sunday Morning) 

Class 165.1 – Arabian English Pleasure JTR Championship 

Class 165.2 – HA/AA Reining Horse JTR (1st class of Sunday Afternoon) 

Class 165.3 – A/HA/AA Short Stirrup Reining 10 & Under 

Class 170.1 – HA/AA Reining Horse, Rookie Non Pro


Revision 1 to Premium Book

  • Page #1 - Changed Early Move-In to Before Noon on Wednesday April 18th. 
  • Page #3 - Add language limiting dressage rides to the first 50 entries.  
  • Page #13 - Changed Class 229 title from Western Dressage Basic 1 Test 1 to  Western Dressage Level 1 Test 1. Changed Class 230 title from Western Dressage Basic 1 Test 4 to Western Dressage Level 1 Test 4.  
  • Page #27 - Updated Membership costs to New Rate Effective April 1, 2018.


2018 AAHA Spring Fiesta Premium

  • The most important change this year is the date—April 19th—22nd.  The San Antonio Rose Palace fortunately had another major show move to a different weekend which opened up the 3rd weekend in April.  This along with the feedback and suggestions asking us to move to mid April  help make this change happen.  We believe this change is productive for Alamo Arabian Horse Association, Region 9 local shows and other Region shows.  So, we took advantage of the opportunity and changed dates.
  • This year, the Western Dressage has been approved by WDAA as a recognized show #18-138.  Julie Haugen is coming back as our Dressage judge, but this time, she is “R” rated for our Western Dressage section.  We look forward to her adjudicating of our Dressage and Sport Horse sections of the Spring Fiesta show.
  • Also changing this year, we have implemented DR119.2 which limits dressage horses to a maximum of limit of 3 rides.  In the past, the dressage section was oversubscribed and created challenges from a schedule standpoint. The number of rides will be limited to the first 50 entries submitted. We hope you will understand.  
  • The Trail classes will be limited to one horse / one rider for the concurrent classes.  
  • Look for a change in our Championship Awards.  We hope you will like it and find it useful in your every day lives.  
  • As much as we do not like price increases, the San Antonio Rose Palace increased the cost of shaving by $2.00 per bag which is reflected in the fee schedule.

2018 Premium Book Rev 1 Final (pdf)